The eligibility for participants are as follows:

  1. Indonesian Undergraduate and Graduate Students (Master/Doctoral) in particular. 
  2. Overseas Undergraduate and Graduate Students (Master/Doctoral) are also allowed to join.
  3. The first author must be a student either undergraduate or graduate students.
  4. One person can only send one paper as the first author but is not limited to submit other paper as co-author.

The author must ensure that the submitted manuscript is original and has not been published before. The manuscript should be written in English. Before submitted, the authors are required to read and correct the draft carefully, especially related to the use of English and writing format. The reviewer will not accept the script that is not in accordance with the provisions made by the committee. The committee does not have any obligations to return rejected paper. Since you are requested to send a full paper, you are personally responsible for the quality, content and appearance of your work. Please remember the following important points below:

  1. The body of the paper should be written in double column, except title and abstract;
  2. The format of the paper can be seen in the appendix section of this guideline;
  3. Font format: Times New Roman font, size 11-pt., margins 3 cm each side, and single-spaced lines;
  4. Provide high resolution of figures (no less than 300 dpi) and tables;
  5. The use of SI units and IUPAC nomenclature is mandatory;
  6. List of references should be arranged in alphabetically order;
  7. Please refer to the Appendix for the citations and references writing format;
  8. Paper length is limited to 5 pages include references in A4 paper (210 mm x 297 mm);
  9. The PDF file named as “HISAS16_Cluster_First author name” should be uploaded via third party submission system (easychair) (Submit Here). The PDF file should be less than 3 MB in size;
  10. Late manuscripts will not be included in the Conference Proceedings;
  11. All forms of plagiarism are not permitted;
  12. Minimal reference should be more than 5 and should be cited in the body of paper;
  13. The committee will send email to the corresponding author, only for the accepted paper in accordance with a predetermined schedule.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation. We are looking forward to meeting you in Sapporo.