Related to HISAS 16, there is some related common question that will be useful for you.


1. What is HISAS Scientific Meeting?

This meeting is an annual meeting that has been held since 2003 and mainly as an agenda for knowledge sharing and discussion of some current researchers with the theme: Integrated Science for Improving Disaster Risk Management in Indonesia

2. Where and when the meeting will be held?

The meeting will be held at Hokkaido University, Sapporo on March 16, 2019.

3. Who can participate in the meeting?

Researchers from Indonesia and other countries are welcome to submit and present paper. The authors that come from different institutions/universities are allowed.


1. How can the participants register?

The participant should register through online registration at the website of HISAS 16. Participant is authors of the accepted paper.  Detail will be informed later.

2. How much does the participation cost?

The participation cost is ¥3,000 (three thousand Japanese yen) should be paid by each author.

3. How can the participant pay?

Participants should pay on the spot before the meeting is started on the organizing meeting desk. Please bring the registration form filled with the registration website.

All of the participants will receive the meeting kit, certificate and conference manual (1 for 1 paper).


Organizing Committee will not provide any transportation, but some will wait in the Sapporo station and give explanation to go to the venue.

You can arrive at Sapporo at New Chitose International Airport. There are some direct flights from a major city in Asia to Sapporo such as:

  • Seoul, Busan Korea (Incheon International Airport): Approx. 3 hours.
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (LCCT/KLIA International Airport) : Approx. 7h 40 min.
  • Bangkok, Thailand (Suvarnabhumi International Airport): Approx. 7 hours.
  • Taipei, Taiwan (Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport): Approx. 4 h 10 min.

If your Airline arrives at another major city of Japan, you can continue using the domestic flight such as:

  • Sendai—Sapporo 1 h 10 min.
  • Nagoya—Sapporo 1 h 40 min.
  • Haneda/Narita—Sapporo 1 h 30 min.
  • Osaka— Sapporo 1 h 55 min.
  • Niigata—Sapporo 1 h 10 min
  • Fukuoka—Sapporo 2 h 35 min.
  • Participants should do:

After arriving at New Chittose Airport, you can go to the centre of the city by train or bus which cost around 1000 yen. We recommend you to go by train and go down at Sapporo Station. The conference venue is not far from Sapporo Station and just around 10 minutes by walking.


Organizing Committee will not provide any accommodation for the participants. Participants can search from the following information link of websites (TBD).

Participant is allowed to stay with his or her relatives or friends apartment and therefore participants should be responsible for anything about it. However, participants should inform it to the organizing committee.


Organizing Committee will provide lunch and snacks during the meeting. The participant should be aware of the halal food since in Japan not so many halal products in the market.

There is some drugs store available near the meeting location, but Organizing Committee does not provide medicine or health care during the meeting.

Please provide personal medicine (allergic, Asma, diabetes, etc) and needs that might be difficult to find in Japan.


Please prepare your winter clothes (jacket, gloves, cap, etc) since March is still in the winter season. You can check the weather forecast here.

Common, electric plug-in Japan (left), don’t forget to bring the universal converter (right) from your country.


You can contact the committee by email


  • Do not litter during stay in Japan
  • Do not involve and conduct in any criminal activity during the stay in Japan
  • Do not miss or skip the meeting and learning trip schedule
  • Obey the rule of Japan and the Meeting
  • Organizing Committee will not be responsible for any criminal activity conducted by the participants


1. Should the paper be written by a team or individually?

Both are okay.

2. If my paper is accepted but I cannot attend the conference, shall my paper will be published?


3. How many authors can be written in one paper?

There is no limitation of authors in one paper.

4. May one person submit for two different themes in HISAS 16?

Yes, It is possible.

5. Can I still submit my paper that has been presented at the other conferences before?

It is okay. You still can join HISAS 16. But, if your paper has been published in another conference, your paper cannot be published in the proceeding of HISAS.